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Good Ol’ American Brownies are loved by kids of all ages and bring out the child in anyone. At Hazelnut Cafe, we have the best Brownies and Bars you will find. One bite and you will want more.


Nothing beats a cake to bring a smile to a face and some sweetness to a tummy. With a wide variety of cakes of different types, sizes and styles you will be spoilt for choice and the homemade freshness will delight from the very first mouthful.


Cookies and Milk for the kids and Cookies and Coffee for the adults. All over the world cookies are an essential sweet treat for everyone.  At Hazelnut Cafe, we make and sell the freshest, tastiest cookies with the perfect balance of munch and crunch. One cookie is never enough; thankfully we have a wide variety to choose from to make you happy.


The smell of freshly baked muffins is hypnotizing. Served alone or with some jelly, butter or cream muffins are the most wonderful thing on earth. Hazelnut Cafe has a tantalizing range of fresh muffins that are just the right size to cure the mid-morning hunger grumble or the afternoon sugar craving.  Check out the variety and don’t forget to ask about the Muffin of the day.


Pastries, tarts and our famous strudels, baked to perfection with a sprinkle of sugar and a hint of spice to make them ever so nice is what those with a sweet tooth crave for. Hazelnut Café cures the craving with a wonderfully sweet and totally tantalizing assortment of pastries, perfect to share with friends and family or to secretly, sneakily eat alone.

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Our History

Since the early 1900’s a family of Master Bakers has passed down the tradition of baking the very best pasties, cookies, muffins and cakes so that others can savour the enjoyment of homemade sweetness. For over a century recipes have been created, mastered, lost and then found again that everyone deserves to taste.

Hazelnut Cafe if the result of a family with a passion for baking and making others happy. At Hazelnut Cafe, old family recipes are given a new lease of life making anyone who eats our treats feel at home leaving them with a smile and a desire to come back and explore the wonderful range of cakes, bakes, muffins and more.


That was a great strudel. I’ll be ordering from here again. I always work better when I have something to tasty to eat, especially from the Hazelnut Cafe. 


John Wilks

Best strudel EVER!  Our web designer referred me to this site and I ordered, glad I did. Work is better now… while eating tasty treats, lots of them.  


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